UK business owners can save over 30% on private school fees

With some simple structuring, UK business owners can reduce the cost of private school fees by over 30%.

The structuring and savings can apply to nursery, primary and secondary school fees, as well as providing other tax benefits for university and beyond.

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Need legal advice? Too many firms to choose from?

Tax and legal services have many crossovers and, like tax, there’s a plethora of legal people and firms claiming to be experts.

We work with over forty of the UK’s leading tax and legal experts – let us help you to find the best advice for your exact requirements.

Don’t settle for a generalist when your tax or legal affairs are on the line – a specialist can not only help you to protect your finances, but also your freedom from investigations, whether by HMRC or other third parties.

Tax Poetry – episode one

There once was a man from Bridgend,
who took a large dividend,
his tax bill was steep,
but with EIS reliefs,
his finances were back on the mend.